Soil Quality Indicator: Do You Have Mophead Roots?

Check out this picture:

From November 2012 Acres USA article by Hugh Lovel.

From November 2012 Acres USA article by Hugh Lovel.

Have you ever noticed the degree of soil adhesion on your plant roots?  The roots on the right are what we want.  And I know for sure that our pasture roots aren’t there yet.  See the pic at the bottom of this recent post.  It resembles roots on the left. 

Mophead roots mean the plant is photosynthesizing very well and is healthy enough to donate a lot of sugary photosynthesis products to soil microbes via root exudation.  When these sugar goodies start seeping out of roots, soil microbes in the rhizosphere (root area) have a 5-star dinner and start multiplying like crazy.  They make the gums, glues and gels that cause soil adhesion and start delivering minerals and vitamins in plant-friendly form so the plant will get even healthier and make more sugary snacks.  Ain’t it neat?

The roots on the left show a plant that isn’t healthy enough to donate many photosynthesis products to soil microbes.  The plant is probably in survival mode.

Mophead roots are a sign of a fully functioning plant/soil ecosystem.  In our quest to increase our soil’s organic matter, mophead roots are the holy grail!  Those sugary snacks are carbon-containing molecules that get digested through the soil food chain and eventually get turned into stable organic matter.  And well-fed soil microbes will help plants make even more carbonaceous snacks, and in turn, more organic matter. 

 We have some grass that survived rotovating and is growing astoundingly well in our cover crop plots.  I’m going to check the roots this spring to see if they’ve reached mophead status.   Thanks for reading!


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